Dual Bead 2nd Stage Shaping Drum

Unique WYKO patented design that allows a Second Stage Shaping Drum to cover two consecutive bead sizes with zero change over time.

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Dual Bead 2nd Stage Shaping Drum

Feature & Benefits

  • One drum covers two bead sizes from 13/14 up to 33/35 and above
  • Bead size change occurs inststantly; no electrical or pneumatic changes are necessary. The tire bead determines the drum's expansion diameter
  • Reduced machine downtime attributed to size change set up
  • A contoured bead seal or pocket design allows the bead to rotate during shaping with minimum distortion
  • Featuring an optional Carcass Centering Device that positions the bead radially and laterally prior to bead lock improving radial and lateral forces and low dynamic balance yield
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