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WYKO Tire Technology invented modern tire tooling concepts, and continue to pioneer advances in technology across all tire manufacturing processes, generating industry leading performance standards for their customers with real gains in uniformity and productivity. WTT tooling is a proven enabler for lean manufacturing factories giving benchmark standards for OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), and with enduring quality so you can be sure your millionth tire will have the same quality as the first.

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First & Second Stage Radial Construction
First & Second Stage Bias Tire Construction
Uni-Stage / Single Stage Construction
Custom / Proprietary / Special


PCR - Radial
PCR - UHP - Radial
Light Truck - Radial / Bias
SUV - Radial
OTR - Radial / Bias
Earthmover - Radial / Bias
TBR - Radial / Bias
Motorcycle - Radial
Aircraft - Radial / Bias
Racing - Radial


Curing Bladders (Yongyi)

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