MESNAC Humbled by Supplier of the Year Award


Speaking after his company had won the Tire Industry Supplier of the Year Award at the recent Hannover Tire Technology International Expo held in Hannover, MESNAC President Zheng Jiangjia acknowledged that “ we were very surprised and humbled with the announcement that our young company had won this prestigious award. MESNAC competes with some of the best global equipment suppliers who have well established technology and customer bases. To be recognized by our peers in the international tire industry is truly an honor”. Mr. Zheng , known in the industry as JJ, continued. “Although we were classified in 2014 as the largest tire machinery supplier in the world, this is not our aim” Mr. Zheng claimed. He continued “our target is to be an outstanding supplier which provides an attractive competitive technical and commercial package to our global customers. We believe our heavy investment in R and D allows us to develop and offer smart solutions which add value and complement and support our customers manufacturing strategies”.

Karol Vanko, Vice President of MESNAC accepted the award at the 2016 TTE Expo and gave praise to the MESNAC team. “Although we have a young team, it’s highly qualified and dedicated to a scientific approach to business. This sets MESNAC apart and we are now reaching a stage of maturity which allows us to measure up to our respected competitors at the international level but at the same time also offering unique solutions such as our approach to smart manufacturing” Mr. Vanko said.

MESNAC Co Ltd is a publicly listed company based in Qingdao, China with Research and Technical Centers in Slovakia, Akron Ohio and Qingdao

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