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WYKO Tire Technology is a global leader in the supply of precision engineering tooling to the International Tire Manufacturing Industry.


The company originally started in Dudley England in 1960 and subsequently established a manufacturing facility in Greenback Tennessee in 1977. The 60 years of experience have generated a technology base which has been driven entirely by a focus on customer’s demands for ever increasing standards of tire quality and productivity.


Today, the world’s leading international tire companies integrate WYKO’s equipment into their manufacturing processes and the tires that are built on this tooling benefit from the reliability and efficiency of WYKO’s products.


WYKO’s customer's extend to tire plants throughout the world and the company is strongly represented in North America, Asia and Europe. Its main manufacturing and engineering base is in Greenback, Tennessee with an additional engineering, sales and service operation in the United Kingdom.


WYKO also has established trading partners, mainly based in Asia and as such has their representation rights for a wide range of equipment and services to the tire industry. At present these partnerships include:


Shandong Xishui Yongyi Rubber Co Ltd, based in Dongying City, China – China’s largest producer of Tire Curing Bladders.


With these partnership WYKO is in the unique position of being able to service a customer needs with a variety of equipment and supplies. The “synergy” gained from these partnerships gives WYKO a unique perspective of the global tire industry which enriches its experience and capability to understand and support customer's needs.

In December 2009 all of WYKO’s assets and global intellectual property and naming rights were acquired by Davian Enterprises LLC, based in Greenback Tennessee. However the company still trades as WYKO Tire Technology and its proud history of customer service and customer driven technology continues.

In 2011, WYKO became part of Mesnac.

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